Steelworks Maxhütte

Steelworks Maxhütte Photo: Bleek

A documentary film about the Maxhütte steelworks in Sulzbach-Rosenberg, which has been shut down today. Steel workers and engineers tell the story. (BR 1999)

Written and directed by Stephan Bleek

Camera: Robert Kumeth

Editing: Miroslav Perna

The work in the hut shapes special people. “We have grown together with the hut” says the master smelter Max Hufnagl, who looks like an alien in his silver fireproof clothing. “The work welds us together”. “It’s always fascinating what’s going on here, it’s got something,” adds the young engineer Eike Schmilinsky. Scenes shot at the blast furnace of the Maxhütte. Stephan Bleek’s film shows the production processes of a steelworks from the blast furnace to the rolling mill, told with original sounds by the workers and engineers.