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Leonore Goldschmidt School

Film footage from the Leonore Goldschmidt School in Berlin The Dr. Leonore Goldschmidt School in Berlin was founded in 1935 as a Jewish private school in Berlin to enable Jewish children to attend school without reprisals. Jewish schoolchildren were systematically harassed in Nazi Germany since 1933 and finally excluded from attending school at the end of 1938. [...]

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Online Banking 1973 – History of Computers

Online Banking 1973 – History of Computers During the last half century, banking has undergone a revolution. Technology has transformed the way we obtain financial services. The film about In-touch telephone computing was released in 1973. It shows telephone banking as a new possibility for the ‘near future’. An insight into the history of technology that shows [...]

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Films by Mrs. Hitler

Films by Mrs. Hitler The films by "Frau Hitler", by Eva Braun, are among the few testimonies of the everyday life of Adolf Hitler and the powerful of the Third Reich. The films were shot in the years after 1936. They mainly show scenes on the terrace of the Berghof am Obersalzberg in Berchtesgaden, but also their [...]

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A.D. 1999 – Future 50 years ago

How Silicon Valley envisions the future in 1967 In retrospect, it usually seems rather funny how people once imagined their future. In contrast, the film A.D. 1999, made in 1967, shows an astonishing technological vision. It accurately predicts the future of life with the computer at home in many respects. Most of the technological ideas in the [...]

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