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Summer of Love 1967

Summer of Love 1967 “If you’re going to San Francisco…” Scott McKenzie’s song conquered the charts all over the world in 1967. The birth of Flower Power. The song was also played on German radio day and night. “Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair”. We heard him as a teenager, but San Francisco was somewhere [...]

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Two at the steering wheel

Two at the Steering Wheel Car with 2 steering wheels 1935. A curious idea of an American driving school teacher in Cleveland / Ohio from 1935. A car with 2 steering wheels "to teach female drivers". A steering wheel for the woman, but the first steering wheel firmly in male hands? A forerunner of autonomous driving? Without [...]

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Apollo 9 – the duet of Spider and Gumdrop in March 1969

Apollo 9 – the duet of Spider and Gumdrop On 3 March 1969, a Saturn 5 rocket was launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida for the Apollo 9 mission. For the first time, NASA brought the complete lunar landing equipment on board. This is the capsule of the Apollo mother ship, which was called "Gumdrop", [...]

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Jerusalem 1938

Jerusalem 1938 Film from Jerusalem, shot in March 1938. The photographs show the old city of Jerusalem and pictures of the new Hebrew University building on Scopus Mountain and various photographs of the new city. Finally, some Arab leaders of the office of the Supreme Islamic Council (SMC), the highest religious Muslim authority in Palestine, are portrayed. Other [...]

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The Kinder, December 2 1938

The arrival of Jewish Children in England 1938 Arrival of the first "Kindertransport" of German Jewish children in Harwich on December 2, 1938. The English government had granted permission for adolescents between the ages of five and 17 to enter the country. 200 German-Jewish children were able to travel on this first transport by ship "Prague" via Hoek [...]

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